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Good Afternoon! Aug 12

I got kicked out of Kevin’s room around 11:30 so that the respiratory therapist could do some breathing exercises with Kevin.  She had him breathing deeply in and out, and then took him off the ventilator, and just on regular oxygen for an hour to breathe on his own!!  It was quite exciting for me, and I think nice for Kev too.

Linda and I went into his room about 15 minutes ago, and the exercises went well, as well as the hour off the ventilator.  Obviously, this wore Kevin out extremely, so he’s now resting.

Kevin is now in a sitting position in the bed, and they are actually hoping to have him stand for a few minutes today, which is also exciting.  He’s wore out, but I think he’s very anxious to get moving forward towards recovery.

I am hoping Kev can soon to be sitting in a chair away from his bed and look out the window.  He is fortunate to have an end room on the oncology ICU floor to see not only outside, but into the nice open waiting area down below.  He can see the grand piano where I’ve been playing in the afternoons for stress relief, and for pleasure!  I’m hoping he’ll be sitting in that chair soon, listening to me play.

Today is a good day-very relaxing and not too stressful.  Kevin’s brother Ken should be here by this evening, and we are greatly looking forward to his arrival, especially Linda.

I did call about our room at the Oncology family housing, but they are booked solid.  As the woman on the phone said, “no one is budging!”.  She told me to continue to call back, and hopefully they’ll have a place for us by the end of the week.  Either way, we’re quite comfortable with our accomodations at the McElderry Houses which are right next to the hospital.  We can cook, bring groceries in, chill in front of the tv, and really just RELAX, which is so important to our MENTAL recovery.

Overall, today is a good day.  The Lord is providing Kevin outlets for his pain; both emotional and physical.  We pray for continue financial provisions and understanding from the medical team to move ahead and officially diagnose Kevin’s cancer.  I prayed with Kevin today, and he is continuing to fill himself spiritually to have the ability move forward.

He wrote to me today, “Almost as much as I love kissing and loving you, I want to drink my favorite sodas, fruit juices and turkey hill drinks.”  It made me smile.  I have no idea what he’s going through, but I can’t imagine not only being on a ventilator, but not being able to drink Turkey Hill iced tea.  NO ONE should have to go through that!  Linda completely agrees.  She herself misses Turkey Hill iced tea.

Once we get some answers, we’ll finally have plans on the feeding tube, the fever, the tumor, the fluid in his body, the hopeful reversal of the esophagectomy and more.  In other words, we’re waiting and praying.

I hope everyone understands why I do not wish to see more than very close friends and family right now.  It can be difficult for not just Kevin, but for me as well to have to explain this situation over and over again.  At this time, if you’d like to connect with Kevin, leave messages on here for me to read to him, or send cards to my parents for them to deliver to us:

327 Tanyard Road Conestoga, Pa 17516

Until then, please leave as many emails or comments and forward our story around the globe.  Yesterday ALONE we had over 800 hits on this blog.  I always hoped our story would touch those around us and be a beacon of hope and a beacon of God’s love to those around us.  May our story touch you and those around you to push on for cures and hope.

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3 Responses

  1. 1
    Lou and Joni 

    Wishing you the best , see you tomorrow.

  2. 2
    Debby Jorowski 

    Just want to let you know that I am thinking and praying for all of you. You are all very special people and I hope that Kevin can get up and around a little bit to build up his spirit as well as his body. Hopefully you will be having answers soon that can help get Kevin on the road to recovery. Please give Linda a hug for me.

  3. 3
    Chris and Tasia Tracy 

    Chris and I just want to let you and Kevin know that we have been following your blog daily and everyone here in Winnipeg is praying for Kevin’s recovery. We will be working hard to make the upcoming fundraising social in October held in Kevin’s honour a huge sucess and hope that all funds raised will bring you and Kevin much needed financial relief.

    Take care of yourself and God bless.

    Love Tasia

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