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Busy Bee Weekend! Aug 24

It was a busy weekend for me, and a quiet one for Kevin, which was nice on both counts!  Friday evening I drove back to Lancaster and spent the night at our apartment in the city.  It was good to be back home, but it definitely felt weird.  Home is definitely where the heart is, as my heart wasn’t really into being at the apartment anymore.

Kevin and I both had rough nights of sleeping Friday night, which was a bit disappointing.  Kevin and I both enjoyed Doug’s company, and Kevin especially while I was away on Saturday.

The BBQ on Saturday was a HUGE HUGE HUGE success.  Thank you EVERYONE who came out and helped.  We were so glad to see the volunteers, and the people who bought tickets.  It was great to see everyone, and it was just good for me to be out.  THANK YOU!  We sold 925 chickens, about 200 above our pre-sale, which was amazing.  A huge hug and thanks to Charlie’s Chicken BBQ (717-464-0128) for making the BBQ a success.  They are an amazing group of guys!  Also a HUGE HUG to New Danville Mennonite Church for letting us use the facilities and all the wonderful people who made applesauce and cookies!  A big thank you to Turkey Hill for the discounted drinks, Herr’s for the discounted chips, Cherry Hill for donating the apples for the wonderful home-made applesauce, Granny’s Groceries for donating storage space for the drinks, and ice, and Darrenkamps for donating the bags and napkins.  THANK YOU!  Also thanks for our special volunteers: Everyone from Rohrer’s One Hour, Marie, Erin, Troy, Becky, Bethany, Kurt, Joni, Lou, Lindsay, Don, Janice, Jane, Kristen, Ashley, Shawn (even Layla!), Both Mandies, Brent, Kelly…and I feel like I’m forgetting people.  BUT THANK YOU ALL!!!!

That evening, I spent some time at the Conestoga Restaurant, where friends from the County of Lancaster Juvenile Probation Dept (where I previously worked) were holding an end of summer beach bash and helping to raise money for our benefit!  Thanks to everyone there for their thoughts, prayers and gifts.

I got an amazing nights sleep last night, and so did Kevin!!!  YEAH!  I told everyone that Kevin’s main immediate concern was gettins sleep, and with prayer, and a happy combination drug cocktail, he got some good rest!

Doug is heading to BWI as we speak heading back to Toronto.  Big thanks for coming down-we truly loved spending time with you and getting ALL the hugs from Toronto.  We love you all up North!

No big developments medical wise over the weekend-tomorrow Kevin will be getting his feeding tube fixed, and hopefully, someone will finally have time to look over Kevin’s echo-cardiogram so they can get him off the heart monitor.  Two big steps!

Kevin is developing sores in his mouth, which is common with chemotherapy.  Pray that the rinse solution will start working to give Kevin some relief.  This is basically the only symptom he is having from the chemo, thank goodness.

Tonight I’m heading back to my new “home” with Amy & Dan (I think I mis-typed Tim before, which just happens to be Amy’s brother-haha).  Thank you so much for allowing me to share your home.  It is truly a blessing!

We continue to love reading all your cards and comments, so keep sending them.

Over the next few days, I’ll post some dates for those who would like to help, purge and pack our apartment a few days in September.

Here is an update on our current prayer requests and praises:

-Kevin to be free of his chemotherapy symptoms, continued rest, and comfort

-Safe travels for Doug as he heads back to Toronto, and my parents as they travel down to visit today

-Praise God for the successful fundraisers that will allow us to pay all of our medical bills, as well as help with our costs of living as we are both not able to work

-Praise for many people’s generosity of gifts time and prayer-that you all will be blessed

-Prayer that tumor is being disintigrated by chemotherapy and prayer

-Prayer for God’s will to be done and that we may be a light to others

-Pray for our friends that we have made through this journey: Merle whom we met at the McElderry House and his family, the family I met in the waiting room also dealing with Angiosarcoma, and Charlie the chicken guys’ wife for her physical healing

-Prayer for my ankle (I fell off a curb at the bbq)-that the pain will go away and it will only have been a sprain

-Continued prayer for those all around us journeying with us…

We thank you all and look forward to continuing our journey together!

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