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Fairly Quiet Day Sep 02

Pretty nice day here at 5D.  Kev and I both got a nice afternoon nap which was great.  This morning, I went to the ER here at Hopkins and had my ankle looked at.  They found a bone fragmant from some of my MANY previous sprains, but other than that, this injury just appears to be a sprain.  So-more ankle brace, off of it as much as possible, and ibuprofen galore should fix me right up.

Kevin is doing ok today-still lots of that annoying cough, and some discomfort in his abdomen which is normal.  He’s in a bit of a funk today, and I can’t blame him.  He’s had an incredibly rough few months.  The exciting thing about today: he got out of his room on his own two legs for the first time EVER and walked the entire way around the unit!!!!  This was a huge accomplishment and one we are very excited about.

Giving a special shoutout prayer request for Merle Hamburger-he is the gentleman Linda and I met while staying at the McElderry house.  He is coming back to Hopkins tomorrow for his post-op check up and we’re praying that all goes well with them, and that he can head back to Atlanta soon.  Love you all.

I got some things done today-just a few more paperwork issues to get done and some MAJOR errands to be run over the next week.  It’ll be busy, but good.

Miss you all!

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