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Praying for Things to Work Out Sep 15

As much as we are praying for healing, we pray often for the logistics of things to work out.  Today, I got some more things in order, and were assigned a specific case manager with our health insurance.  This greatly relieves much of my stress in having to deal with a different person every time.

However, today we found our that our amazing Dr. Thornton is out of network.  We don’t know quite what to do about this, and we’re very upset about it.  We are prayin God opens a door that she can be covered, or that we can be referred to someone in network who is just as amazing.

In the meantime, pray that I can find an excellent job with good benefits that will allow us to get back on with Dr. Thornton in the future if possible.  This also means it is unlikely we’ll be able to go back to Johns Hopkins.  Very disappointed.

We’re pushing forward and trusting God to open the doors that need opened.  As Merle, a friend we met while at JH, says on his latest blog, it’s hard to NOT look at the future and the stats.  However, we need to be in the PRESENT because that is our present to ourselves.

We pray to be in the moment as much as possible, to trust God in his infinite wisdom for his plan for us, and for Him to open doors of opportunity as His will provides.

Overall, despite that big disappointment, we had a wonderful day and Kevin is doing better each and every day-it’s so wonderful and amazing to see his progress.  God is opening doors, and we’ll trust Him to lead the way.

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    Mrs. J 

    We were apprehensive about leaving our ‘amazing’ doctors and nurses in Duluth but have found others just as wonderful here. You will find guardian angels wherever you go, and you probably have some just waiting to meet you!

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