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Links to My Online World… Sep 21

Well, it’s a nice, relaxing, fun Sunday!  I thought I’d just throw out some links for blogs I follow, and website I visit often for you to check out!   This is the site for Sarcoma clinical trials that we will hopefully one day participate in!  Great Sarcoma Foundation  Another great Sarcoma site This is the site to Team Sarcoma.  I am thinking up some ideas on a big event to do here in Central Pa next year to promote Sarcoma awareness and raise funds for research.  Another great Sarcoma support site  Merle Hamburger’s Pancreatic Cancer blog-a friend we met at JH This is the Lawrenson’s blog about their life with Cystric Fibrosis-this is where I got the idea to blog about what we’re going through.  They are just an amazing family with amazing faith. Sarcoma Foundation of America A blog from a Sarcoma survivor and her travels on the Beat Sarcoma boat challenge…pretty cool My good friend Laura Hess’s journey teaching in Haiti  Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative-a GREAT Sarcoma activism site  This is the Johns Hopkins site for their sarcoma branch  Our lovely immigration site we have visited far too many times  Great way for us to connect with friends and family-we have a support group on here, “Praying for the Boitsons”  The site to Assateague Island where we love to go fishing  Kevin’s home province website to keep us in touch with Canadian news


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  1. Thank you!

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    If you think the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative site is good now, wait until you see the new design that comes out in a few months! It’s so exciting. 🙂

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