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Exhaustable in Every Way Oct 16

First off, thank you all for your prayers.  I felt them throughout the day as we watched Kevin’s blood pressure and oxygen levels go up and down like a yo yo.  I am so thankful to report that Kevin is stable.  His blood pressure is holding an average of 100/50 ish which is still low, but stable.  His heartrate continues to be elevated, around 145, but again, is stable.  His oxygen level is holding between 92-96 at most times which is acceptable considering the level of fluid in his lungs.

Throughout the day, Kevin was mainly just sleeping or “out of it” from the medication and fever.  Unfortunately, his fever has continued to climb, and when I left the hospital was over 103 which is a bit scary for us.

As I left, the Pulmonary Dr. arrived, and it was agreed upon to tap Kevin’s lung.  I got the report that it was very painful, but he’s stable and fell asleep from the pain meds soon after.  So far, no improvement from the tap because of the pain that is already in the area.  However, hopefully the fluid will give us some results on what is going on in Kevin’s lungs.

This afternoon, they also did a Cat scan of Kevin’s chest, and tomorrow will do a chest and abdomen xray.  Lots more stuff to happen, mainly getting ALL of the blood, urine, and mucus tests back to see what kind of infection(s) is going on in his body.

As usual, the unknown is the hardest and most exhaustable part.  I was able to nap here and there, and am looking forward to a LONG good sleep tonight.  I hate being away from the hospital, but sleeping on the pull out cot in the ICU is nearly impossible.  My body needs rest just as much as Kevin’s right now, so, let’s pray that my anxieties will pass tonight and allow me to sleep knowing he is in good/God’s hands.

I am drained of everything, including tears.  It’s been a very emotional day trying to push forward and see this as hopefully a minor setback in the scheme of things.  We are praying that there will be no need for the ventilator, and that it is MERELY an infection that is treatable, and not something more serious.

Pray with us tonight that Kevin stays stable and gets good rest throughout the night.  Pray for good decisions on the part of the LGH staff for Kevin’s recovery and the test and treatment results.  Pray for good rest for me.  Also lift up Kevin’s family that are so far away as they deal with these setbacks.  They need your prayers just as much!  Be with my family as well as they support us through this journey.

Thanks for everything, and I hope to have better news to report tomorrow.  God Bless.

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2 Responses

  1. Brenda,
    I am 3 hours behind out here on the west coast…I am up late tonight cause I have to go to the airport to pick up neighbors…
    So I will be praying until I fall asleep…
    for your rest, Kevin’s rest, guiding the doctors and entire situation.
    Sending love and prayers,

  2. 2

    You are both being prayed for – much peace to you tonight – may you both truely rest and know that God hears your cries.

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