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As It Began Oct 16

As it Began, it repeats.  But we pray it doesn’t end.  Shortly after typing the last post, I read my devotional and cried out to God.  As I ended my prayer and turned the bedroom light off, the phone rang.  It was LGH.

…Kevin is now on a ventilator due to his blood gas levels decreasing significantly.  We had no other choice but to put him on the vent due to his lung conditions and the massive infection growing in his body.

After being put on a ventilator, the cardio-thoracic surgeon made an emergency call to place a chest tube back in Kevin, as had at Hopkins.  It is draining the infected fluid out of his body.  Due to Kevin’s stomach distention, they stopped the tube feeding, and now are draining the G-tube from his stomach, which is putting out as much fluid as the chest tubes.

Kevin’s heart-rate continues to be high, but his blood pressure is going up (yea!).  However, his fever is also climbing, and when I left the hospital it was 103.8.  Unfortunately, they cannot give him anything to control the fever with his heart-rate being what it is.  The hope is that draining this infection will calm his heart allowing them to get the fever under control.  As this was happening, Kevin’s hemo levels dropped as expected, and he is currently getting a blood transfusion.

It is believed the infection was caused by possible leakage from the surgery site where the stomach was stapled off.  Whether the sutures didn’t hold, didn’t heal, or the tumor simply didn’t know its border (as the sarcoma phrase goes), it has created havoc in Kevin’s body.

Thankfully, Kevin is heavily medicated and sedated and shouldn’t remember ANY of this we pray.  I unfortunately will and do.  I feel as if this story is repeating itself from how it started.  Only this time, we know what else we have to factor in, and it leaves my hope dwindling.

I am pulling from God, from the Holy Spirit to provide a Divine Intervention, all the while knowing that I trust and will embrace his plan.  However, tears continue to flow.  My breakdown at the news of him needing to be intibated (sp?) as they told me over the phone was nothing short of catastrophic.  I just continued to flash in my brain the first time he was intibated, and I was also not there to say goodbye.  The days following that were terrifying, as are these.

Kevin’s mom is getting a medical flight here tomorrow.  I want you all to know that while we expect the ventilator to be a short term solution to this big problem, we also have to anticipate the worst outcome.  We are preparing for the worst, and praying for the best.  And this time, we’ll ALL BE TOGETHER in Lancaster, and I feel blessed for that.  My love to Ken who will still be in Winnipeg dealing with this.  I love you brother and my prayers are always with you.

To my family…thank you for your support through this unbelievable ordeal.  I am devastated, but not destroyed thanks to your support and prayer.

So….be with us.  Be devastated but not destroyed with us.  Because there is hope.  He is on the right track to get this nasty infection OUT OF HIM.  We are at the bottom, but we are not destroyed.  There is always hope, and we are taught not to fear because of the Lord.  God will provide in the way that is His Will.  He can do unimaginably more than any of us can ever hope or dream or pray for.  He is the Miracle Healer.  Through him, all miracles exist.  There are so little explanations of many of Kevin’s recoveries so far-he is already our Miracle.

Pray and be with us now.  Thank you.

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7 Responses

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    Hang in there Bren….I’m thinking of and praying for you guys!!

  2. 2
    Debby Jorowski 

    our thoughts are with you all

  3. 3


    Our prayers are with you and Kevin. The Lord is our strength.



  4. 4

    We will continue to pray .Please give Linda a big hug from us .

  5. 5
    Jordanna Leake 

    Brenda, I know you have no idea who I am but I have been reading your blog for close to two months. Both you and Kevin are extemely strong people which always helps us get through the difficult times……….Kevin is a fighter and I have my trust in god that he will pull through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and your families.

  6. 6
    Patti (Morti36) 

    Brenda –
    I am praying for both you and Kevin through this horrible turn of events! Hang in there!

  7. 7
    Lynn & Chris Wiens 

    “Sometimes life just doesn’t make any sense…bad things happen to good people and we all wonder why…but even in those moments some things remain true. God loves you, he has a plan for your life…you are loved…you are never alone. And even the darkest nights must lead to dawn. I’m believing with you for better things ahead and praying for you often.” I came across this and it made me cry. I had to send it to you. Love you guys!

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