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Hoping for Hopkins Oct 19

Today went well.  Kevin came off his blood pressure meds and held great throughout the day.  He is starting to get a bed sore, so they switched him to a new air mattress that should alleviate some of that pressure.

He thankfully stayed sedated and calm throughout the day!  He really is improving.  I hope that tomorrow’s am conversation with Dr. Thornton goes well, and we can get Kevin airlifted ASAP to Hopkins.  Before that happens, LGH would still like to do a CT scan as well as the parasenthesis (sp?) draining of his stomach.  Pray that goes well!

Pray for open beds, and smooth transports for ALL of us.  Big thanks to Dan & Amy for again opening your home to us.

Thanks for all your love and support.  I am not sure yet if I will have the laptop with me, so if not, I’ll only be updating 1-2x daily.

Much Love!

Brenda Boitson

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