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No Word Yet Oct 20

No word yet whether the transfer will happen today or tomorrow.  All the Doctors at LGH are on board with the transfer, and Dr. Thornton at Hopkins is currently work to get the plans laid and a bed open if possible.  Nothing official yet.

Kevin is VERY awake today, which I’m not super happy about because of the vent.  He, however, seems to be tolerating it ok, despite the communication issues.  When I left he was up sitting in a chair and looked so handsome and strong.  It’s such a nice change!

He had the parasenthesis (sp?) done today-the draining of the belly.  They took 4400 ML OF FLUID!  His stomach looks much less distended now, and he’s definitely feeling more comfortable.

So…we’re just waiting.

I’m working on all the hoopla getting things switched and re-activated with our health plan which means emails, calls and overnighting some things which is why I had to stop home here.  I also just applied for Kevin’s first unemployment, so pray that goes through with no issues.  If I have time, I’ll also be meeting with Financial Services today about when I may be able to apply for medical assistance as I am completely unable to work whilst caring for Kevin now.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.  If we don’t head to Hopkins today, I’ll see some of you at the vigil tonight.  Again, it’s 6:30pm and after at the chapel inside the main lobby off James Street at LGH.

Take care and thanks so much for everything!

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    Doug Barb Eric and Michael Kowalinski 

    hey guys, we are thinking of and praying for all of you. The miles separate us but only in terms of distance. We feel your pain in so many ways and can only hope for good rest for all of you. OUr love to you all and please give Kevin a huge hug from all of us. Love Doug, Barb, Eric and Michael xoxoxoxo

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