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Tired and Hoping for Hopkins Wed? Oct 21

Today was overall a very good day.  Kevin did not sleep at all last night, which wasn’t good, but his stats all looked good today.  The fluid in the lung looks better, and they hope to take the chest tube out by tomorrow!

We are also praying that we get to Hopkins tomorrow, but a bed just hasn’t opened up yet.  We got some very important things done today and signed, which was a huge relief.

Pastor Curtiss and Jay and Lois came to be with us today and to give special prayer and healing anointment to Kevin which just felt so good.  It was such a great feeling and we continue to pray for continued miracles for Kevin!

Sorry I haven’t been journeling as much as before, but I’m just exhausted by the time I get home.  Thinking and thanking you all for your support

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