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Waiting Oct 22

We are still in Lancaster.  For those following closely, you know this isn’t good.  I spoke with Dr. Thornton this morning who informed me that Hopkins is getting requests for new admissions in record numbers and there is no room at the inn.  We’ll be lucky if it happens by this weekend 🙁

It is frustrating, but nonetheless, we understand that there are people more critical and more sick than Kevin. And if that means they get the open beds and the expert advice at Hopkins, then I am more than okay with that!

Not a super exciting day-Kevin is still having issues with the swallow mechanism not being up to par, so he has to be very careful with even ice.  It’s frustrating for him not to just be able to chug, but if it results in more coughs, we know it’s not good.  We are praying that comes back to life soon, so that Kevin can enjoy his many drinks.

Kevin’s heart was acting up a bit again today, so he continues to be on the medication to keep his heart-rate in check, and is now on a lo-pressor to help with his now high blood pressure and to also assist with the heart-rate.  We are obviously concerned, but are hoping it’s all related to the added stress his body is taking from the fluid and the infection, and nothing more than that.

The fluid that was taken from Kevin’s abdomen a few days ago did test positive for cancer cells.  It is something we fully expected, and in some ways, we were grateful.  At least now we know that it’s definitely the cancer causing it, and not another source.  This eliminates the “unknown” factor of it being caused by something else, so in that sense, we’re grateful.

Today was a tough day, both because of the heart and cough issues, but also because we got a false alarm.  Around 5 we got word that a bed was open, and 15 minutes later found out it wasn’t so.  It was disappointing, but maybe tomorrow!  We’ll keep praying something opens up sooner than the weekend.

Our main hope with getting to Hopkins is to find out what’s going on with Kevin’s body to cause all this excess fluid, as well as get a re-evaluation of the chemo, the cancer, and all that jazz.  Basically, we need to find out why the tumor is doing what it’s doing, and where we stand with treatments.

I want you all to know that Kevin and I, and I am sure MANY MANY MANY of you truly believe in God’s intervention.  Kevin has seen many miracles and he is truly a fighter.  I cannot convey through this blog the willpower of this amazing man and the fight he has in his soul and heart to be a survivor!  Again, we do not believe in statistics, and although we know what has happened and what can happen, we also know of God’s love and power.  We know of his miracles.  We know that God can do amazing, miraculous things, and so many things in my life have shown me that he is leading us through this ocean of fear.

We are not letting the Devil win.  We are not going to let fear overcome us.  We are not going to let go of our belief in God’s miraculous intervention.  I know there are doubts.  I have felt them, and I fight them daily.  We all do.  But I want you to share in us our full belief in God’s miracles.  Please, if you have doubts, if you have concerns, trust me, I KNOW THEM.  Leave them at the door, leave them with God, and walk into the light of God’s glorious miracles that we have seen.  We do not need to let doubt in because of our fear of being hurt.  If that time comes, we shall deal with it then.  But in the meantime, we believe.

So we wait.  We wait for an opening at Hopkins, we wait for a cure, we wait for another miracle.  And we wait in faith because we have seen what can be done.

Much love to all of you and blessings for all you do for us.  Share the love.

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2 Responses

  1. Keeping the Faith.
    Prayers continue.
    Hugs to you both.

  2. 2

    So glad your faith is strong. We are believing with you for big things.


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