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No News Oct 23

Woke up this morning with another night of NO calls through the night.  You have no idea how big my fear is of those calls.  I am just praying that Kevin got another great night of sleep.

I slept very well, but am still feeling like I haven’t slept at all if that makes any sense.  Praying that today we’ll hear some news about Hopkins.  Pray for Linda as today is her last full day with us before heading back, and I’m sure it will be difficult.

Much love.

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    Mrs. J 

    Linda, I am so glad I had a chance to meet you. May God watch over you on your difficult journey home…and over Kevin and Brenda. I do know what you mean, Brenda, about never feeling as if you have slept. The anxiety doesn’t go away just because your body is finally resting. I am holding you both closely in my heart.

    Much love,
    Mrs. J 🙂

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