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The Wait Continues Oct 23

Still no Hopkins.  Frustrating, as Kevin remains in the same condition, not getting much better.  His heart is still acting up, and while his cough is now loosening, he’s still running a fever.  He seemed good to me today, but I found that other’s anxieties over the situation raised mine.  I understand, but it’s hard to listen to the uncertainties that they have without it building my own.

I am feeling much anxiety tonight because of these discussions, so pray it releases and that I can continue to keep the support that I desperately need.

Pray for a better day tomorrow.  You can specifically pray for Linda’s anxieties, her safe travels back to Winnipeg, the success of the fundraiser in Winnipeg tomorrow night, Kevin’s fever, infection, heartrate and tumor complications to diminish, for Kevin’s strength of body, heart and soul, and for the miracle we pray for daily.

Thank you all-wishing you all a good night’s sleep.

Asking special prayer for the Railing’s grandfather who suddenly passed.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    My prayers are with you. I just found out that I HAD Angiosarcoma of the Breast. I say “had” because I too believe God will heal me. I just had surgery and will get the results tomorrow. This is a terrible cancer, but God can Heal us!

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    Sorry that we missed you at the prayer vigal on Monday. Thanks for the special prayers for Andrew’s grandfather…. You can be sure that you’re in our prayers as well.

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