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Dragging Oct 24

I am dragging…in more ways than one.  I literally had to drag my suitcase back upstairs because (after a false alarm that we a bed) there is still no bed at Hopkins.  I was so disappointed again at the fact that we got this false alarm, and then nothing.  Praying doors open, and knowing has a plan and a reason for all of this.

I got Linda safely to the airport after a sad goodbye.  I know it’s so difficult for her to leave, but it is all good that she is back in Winnipeg with her strong support system and to be there with all of her close friends for the social tomorrow.   Thank you all for all your work getting it ready!

Kevin is doing pretty well today-not too much pain, but he was just VERY sleep all day long.  He got another abdomen drain, and they took out another 3300 ml which is a LOT in a short amount of time.  His white blood count is up, indicating there may be another infection somewhere else.  They put him on some more anti-biotics to cover anything that the current ones do not.  We are praying that the cultures are clean, and whatever it is that is brewing, goes away quickly!  In good news, Kevin’s temp was gone tonight and his cough is clearing up very nicely.  Also, the heart meds are working great to keep Kevin’s ticker running smoothly.

I had a great night spent with some girlfriends, and I actually got to kind of “forget” about everything for a whole hour.  To get my mind off of things for even that amount of time is huge for me, so thanks girls!

I hope to have good news to report again tomorrow, so thanks for all your continued prayers.  Much love.

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    Mrs. J 

    Still praying for both of you and for Kevin’s family so far away. I’m glad you had a chance to relax a bit, Brenda!

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