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We Have Arrived! Oct 25

Hello everyone.  I am happy to report that I am posting this from my temporary home at the Hess’ in Baltimore!  We got word around 10 am that they had an official bed and room number for Kevin at Hopkins.  After much delay, and the critical care team getting lost, the finally arrived around 3pm for transport to Hopkins.

We all made it down safely, and they are closely monitoring Kevin and getting all the updates from LGH.  Kevin is bound to see tons more doctors in the next 24 hours as they figure out why there is possibly more infection, why there is so much fluid, what his heart is doing, and the current status on the tumor.  Lots to learn.

Please continue to lift Kevin up, as he is stable, but with his unique heart rhythms it always makes things a bit scary.  Give us strength to get through the days ahead, and pray for knowledge of the staff and their healing hands to be upon both of us.

Thank you ALL who gave big shouts at the big fundraiser social in Winnipeg tonight.  It was so amazing to hear all those ear piercing cheers over the phone.

Love you all and I pray to have happy news to report tomorrow 🙂

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