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What Will the Verdict Be? Oct 27

We just had doctors’ rounds, and nothing too new.  Kevin had a great night off the amnioderone for the first time in about a week.  This is SO encouraging because his heart is functioning properly on its own!  Kevin is on his lipids and electrolyte mix for his feeding until nutrition determines it’s “safe” to use his feeding tube.

He’s on all the right meds to make things happen, and hopefully our meeting with Dr. Thornton will be a positive one.  I’m still very anxious and nervous about what she’ll have to tell us, but I’m trusting in God.  Kevin and I both agreed that if we don’t hear the news we want to hear, we’ll get a second opinion possibly at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

Thank you to everyone whose left comments with their own angiosarcoma experiences and have found us on the web.  It is so thrilling to connect with all of you.  And thanks to those who left messages about the social-I love reading them!

Big Shout out to the Fightin’ Phils-wishing them lots of luck in HOPEFULLY winning the world series tonight.  It’s quite exciting to see. 

Say prayers for us throughout the day as we learn more about what’s going on and need the strength to fight on.  Much love.

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    Lou and Joni 

    Love you both!

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