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….A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUG from all of us to everyone who helped, participated, donated, showed up and partied last night at the fundraiser social in Winnipeg.

I hesitated for a moment in posting the number, but Kevin and I are so abundantly amazed that we wanted to share with you the generosity.

The social from Winnipeg raised $12,800 for our medical and living expenses!!!!

(yes, my mouth dropped too!)

You people are amazing.  Thank you ALL for showing up and having a great time in celebration of Kevin’s future full and complete recovery.  We look forward to making that big deposit into the soon to be opened ‘Kevin Boitson Recuperation Fund”.

Thank you all.

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Oct 26

..and we certainly waited!  It is SO very nice to be back at Hopkins.  As Kevin told me, the luxurious feeling of Lancaster General is nice and comfortable.  However, the skill for Kevin’s type of cancer and familiarity with his case at Hopkins is even more so.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to get Kevin’s care at Hopkins and are praying that Monday morning offers up new plans, changes and positive results.

Today was overall a success.  Kevin’s fever is pretty much gone, but there is still concern over his rising white cell count that indicates infection.  He is on plenty of anti-b’s to cover any and all infections.

Tonight, they are taking him off the amnioderone (sp?) medication that is helping to stabilize his heart-rate.  He’s been really good with heart rate and blood pressure, with few instances of irregularities.  We are praying coming off this medication will be safe and that his body will have a positive adjustment to it.

Dr. Thornton, our main oncologist will be with us tomorrow, and we pray we get some answers from the CT scan that was taken today after a painful round of that.  They thankfully have his pain managed very well, and finally put him on a pump so that he can control his pain dosage.  He was pretty zonked when I left, so I’m praying he gets a good rest tonight!

I am nervous, yet excited about all the doctors being here tomorrow to get things moving.  I’m nervous about what may be found from the recent cultures, tests and such.  But overall, excited about progress, and trusting God’s infinitely perfect will for us.

It is hard to completely let control of the situation go, however, I know that I have no actual control over it.  It is entirely in God’s hands, and he is directing those who are caring for Kevin to do his work.

Pray for stability, rest, and GOOD results and forward moving ahead.

Thank you all.

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Weinberg Excitement? Oct 25

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker Knoll appears to be in our hospital as I found out from reading this article.  Interestingly enough, 2 doors down from Kev there is a police man on duty.  Just saying 🙂

Sending prayers her way for recovery, wherever she is.

PS-Kevin is also only 1 door away from his “old” room at Hopkins and we have our favorite nurse Hanna tonight.  How cool is that?

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We Have Arrived! Oct 25

Hello everyone.  I am happy to report that I am posting this from my temporary home at the Hess’ in Baltimore!  We got word around 10 am that they had an official bed and room number for Kevin at Hopkins.  After much delay, and the critical care team getting lost, the finally arrived around 3pm for transport to Hopkins.

We all made it down safely, and they are closely monitoring Kevin and getting all the updates from LGH.  Kevin is bound to see tons more doctors in the next 24 hours as they figure out why there is possibly more infection, why there is so much fluid, what his heart is doing, and the current status on the tumor.  Lots to learn.

Please continue to lift Kevin up, as he is stable, but with his unique heart rhythms it always makes things a bit scary.  Give us strength to get through the days ahead, and pray for knowledge of the staff and their healing hands to be upon both of us.

Thank you ALL who gave big shouts at the big fundraiser social in Winnipeg tonight.  It was so amazing to hear all those ear piercing cheers over the phone.

Love you all and I pray to have happy news to report tomorrow 🙂

Dragging Oct 24

I am dragging…in more ways than one.  I literally had to drag my suitcase back upstairs because (after a false alarm that we a bed) there is still no bed at Hopkins.  I was so disappointed again at the fact that we got this false alarm, and then nothing.  Praying doors open, and knowing has a plan and a reason for all of this.

I got Linda safely to the airport after a sad goodbye.  I know it’s so difficult for her to leave, but it is all good that she is back in Winnipeg with her strong support system and to be there with all of her close friends for the social tomorrow.   Thank you all for all your work getting it ready!

Kevin is doing pretty well today-not too much pain, but he was just VERY sleep all day long.  He got another abdomen drain, and they took out another 3300 ml which is a LOT in a short amount of time.  His white blood count is up, indicating there may be another infection somewhere else.  They put him on some more anti-biotics to cover anything that the current ones do not.  We are praying that the cultures are clean, and whatever it is that is brewing, goes away quickly!  In good news, Kevin’s temp was gone tonight and his cough is clearing up very nicely.  Also, the heart meds are working great to keep Kevin’s ticker running smoothly.

I had a great night spent with some girlfriends, and I actually got to kind of “forget” about everything for a whole hour.  To get my mind off of things for even that amount of time is huge for me, so thanks girls!

I hope to have good news to report again tomorrow, so thanks for all your continued prayers.  Much love.

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No Calls-Maybe Today? Oct 24

NO calls from LGH tonight, which is good.  Maybe some calls from Hopkins today.  I had a dream about me being in Baltimore after dropping Linda off at the airport, and them calling to say he was on his way.  Wouldn’t that be nice!

I spoke with Kevin just before bed last night, and he was doing ok, just having pain in his abdomen and shoulder.  I’m praying for a better day, and more comfort for him, today.

Think of us as we travel to the airport, and especially for Linda, as it will be difficult to leave.

The Wait Continues Oct 23

Still no Hopkins.  Frustrating, as Kevin remains in the same condition, not getting much better.  His heart is still acting up, and while his cough is now loosening, he’s still running a fever.  He seemed good to me today, but I found that other’s anxieties over the situation raised mine.  I understand, but it’s hard to listen to the uncertainties that they have without it building my own.

I am feeling much anxiety tonight because of these discussions, so pray it releases and that I can continue to keep the support that I desperately need.

Pray for a better day tomorrow.  You can specifically pray for Linda’s anxieties, her safe travels back to Winnipeg, the success of the fundraiser in Winnipeg tomorrow night, Kevin’s fever, infection, heartrate and tumor complications to diminish, for Kevin’s strength of body, heart and soul, and for the miracle we pray for daily.

Thank you all-wishing you all a good night’s sleep.

Asking special prayer for the Railing’s grandfather who suddenly passed.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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No News Oct 23

Woke up this morning with another night of NO calls through the night.  You have no idea how big my fear is of those calls.  I am just praying that Kevin got another great night of sleep.

I slept very well, but am still feeling like I haven’t slept at all if that makes any sense.  Praying that today we’ll hear some news about Hopkins.  Pray for Linda as today is her last full day with us before heading back, and I’m sure it will be difficult.

Much love.

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Waiting Oct 22

We are still in Lancaster.  For those following closely, you know this isn’t good.  I spoke with Dr. Thornton this morning who informed me that Hopkins is getting requests for new admissions in record numbers and there is no room at the inn.  We’ll be lucky if it happens by this weekend 🙁

It is frustrating, but nonetheless, we understand that there are people more critical and more sick than Kevin. And if that means they get the open beds and the expert advice at Hopkins, then I am more than okay with that!

Not a super exciting day-Kevin is still having issues with the swallow mechanism not being up to par, so he has to be very careful with even ice.  It’s frustrating for him not to just be able to chug, but if it results in more coughs, we know it’s not good.  We are praying that comes back to life soon, so that Kevin can enjoy his many drinks.

Kevin’s heart was acting up a bit again today, so he continues to be on the medication to keep his heart-rate in check, and is now on a lo-pressor to help with his now high blood pressure and to also assist with the heart-rate.  We are obviously concerned, but are hoping it’s all related to the added stress his body is taking from the fluid and the infection, and nothing more than that.

The fluid that was taken from Kevin’s abdomen a few days ago did test positive for cancer cells.  It is something we fully expected, and in some ways, we were grateful.  At least now we know that it’s definitely the cancer causing it, and not another source.  This eliminates the “unknown” factor of it being caused by something else, so in that sense, we’re grateful.

Today was a tough day, both because of the heart and cough issues, but also because we got a false alarm.  Around 5 we got word that a bed was open, and 15 minutes later found out it wasn’t so.  It was disappointing, but maybe tomorrow!  We’ll keep praying something opens up sooner than the weekend.

Our main hope with getting to Hopkins is to find out what’s going on with Kevin’s body to cause all this excess fluid, as well as get a re-evaluation of the chemo, the cancer, and all that jazz.  Basically, we need to find out why the tumor is doing what it’s doing, and where we stand with treatments.

I want you all to know that Kevin and I, and I am sure MANY MANY MANY of you truly believe in God’s intervention.  Kevin has seen many miracles and he is truly a fighter.  I cannot convey through this blog the willpower of this amazing man and the fight he has in his soul and heart to be a survivor!  Again, we do not believe in statistics, and although we know what has happened and what can happen, we also know of God’s love and power.  We know of his miracles.  We know that God can do amazing, miraculous things, and so many things in my life have shown me that he is leading us through this ocean of fear.

We are not letting the Devil win.  We are not going to let fear overcome us.  We are not going to let go of our belief in God’s miraculous intervention.  I know there are doubts.  I have felt them, and I fight them daily.  We all do.  But I want you to share in us our full belief in God’s miracles.  Please, if you have doubts, if you have concerns, trust me, I KNOW THEM.  Leave them at the door, leave them with God, and walk into the light of God’s glorious miracles that we have seen.  We do not need to let doubt in because of our fear of being hurt.  If that time comes, we shall deal with it then.  But in the meantime, we believe.

So we wait.  We wait for an opening at Hopkins, we wait for a cure, we wait for another miracle.  And we wait in faith because we have seen what can be done.

Much love to all of you and blessings for all you do for us.  Share the love.

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October 25th-Winnipeg-Boitson Benefit Social Oct 22

A gathering of friends and family to help raise money for Kevin’s medical bills. Tickets are $12.00 and are now available. If you require multiple tickets please contact Ken by e-mail at [email protected]

Saturday October 25th from 8pm to 1am

St. Joseph’s Mens Club

1476 Main Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Please email my brother in law Ken at the above email address for all the details, and if you have anything to donate or ways you can help!  Also, pass this information along so we can have an amazing turnout!