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Steady Holds It Aug 10

Today has been fairly uneventful.  I was blessed today to have some family in to visit and take my mind off of things.  We are doing well, as well as Kevin.  He is doing fairly well, but is having trouble with anxiety and the ventilator.  Pray that he is calmed and that they can steady him to come off of the ventilator.

Pray for calmness, understanding and the Doctors guidance for the road ahead.  We are standing with God through all this!

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    Hey guys, still praying for you! I don’t know if this will help Brenda, but I saw this from another family having speaking/communicating issues when someone was on the vent and it was a great idea. I’ll be brief, I know you don’t have a whole lot of time to be reading long emails. This is how it works…
    1. A B C D 5. Q R S T
    2. E F G H 6. U V W X
    3. I J K L 7. Y Z
    4. M N O P
    1-4 is on the left side of the paper, 5-7 is on the right side of the paper. The person on the vent uses his eyes to blink 1x for yes and shake his head for no. You hold the paper and go down the right side, he blinks when he gets to the row that has the first letter. Once you are successful, you start again. Heres how it goes spelling “WATER.” You start on the left side of the paper 1…2…3…4…5 then move to the right side of the paper 5…6 AND NOW HE BLINKS. You say U…V…W AND NOW HE BLINKS. You start on the left side of the paper 1 AND NOW HE BLINKS. You say A AND NOW HE BLINKS. Repeat for each letter with him blinking at 5 and then at “T.” All the way through. If you are real good he can lean his head one way or the other to tell you which side to start on. This should help with your comminication…assuming it is still an issue! Maybe he’s off the vent and talking! I hope…and will continue to pray. Hang in there! -Justin

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    Charlene & Gary 

    Just wanted to let you know that our prayers are with you. We were in Lancaster today to visit Grandma Harnish and got the update from your Dad when he called to talk to her. We serve a BIG God and His mercies are new every morning! Keep the faith. We will help to hold up your arms with our prayers!

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    Carol Hainsworth 

    Hi Brenda. Last night Debby, Aline, Alan, Gary and I had dinner with Frank and Helen and their children Cris and Lynne ( very good friends of your mother-in law Linda) and we had a moment of prayer and silence before dinner for Kevin and for all of you. We prayed for a cure for Kevin, for peace for you and Linda and for quick answers from the doctors at John Hopkins on the type of cancer and the type of treatment for Kevin. Please know that you are in our thoughts every day and in our prayers always.

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    Yesterday in church we gave opportunity for anyone who wished to pray verbally for Kevin, you and your entire family. Many took opportunity and it was a moving time as we brought all of you before the Throne of God. God is good and His goodness is seen most clearly in times of severe difficulty. I am praising God today for His goodness to you in the midst of uncertainty. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and in allowing us to journey with you on this blog. Isaiah 40:31

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